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As Serenity Centre we believe that no single treatment works for everyone. So we offer a variety of services to meet individual needs.

At Serenity Centre we offer a continuum of care based on individual need. But no matter what course of treatment we recommend, the goal is the same for every patient: a journey into a new life.


Safe, medically-monitored detox in a supportive and caring environment.


Patients live at one of our facilities where they receive full-time care and therapy.


After completing the 90 or 180 days of treatment the individual continue working on their recovery, however as serenity Centre were aware of the challenges the person is face with while in their recovery, therefore we provide continued care: where the person keeps coming to the centre from home for four days every month, spread in a period of four moths. This helps our therapist to continue re-assessing and help the person on their recovery journey.

Family Care and Family Therapy.Helping families heal with a variety of on-site, in workshops, family meetings, and other resettlement programs.Other services include;

  • Follow up.
  • Outreach/Conscious raising workshops.