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14 Years At The Forefront Of Changing Alcoholism And Drug Abuse In Ugandans

Alcohol and drug abuse is on the increase globally. In its global status report on alcohol and health, 2014, WHO notes that alcohol cannot only lead to violence and injuries in society, but also increases the risk of more than 200 diseases including liver cirrhosis and several types of cancer. Uganda is no exception to this trend.

In Uganda we continue to see especially the young people getting involved in alcohol and drug abuse with associated complications in the health, social and economic domains. Serenity Centre as a pioneer private organization in the care for people with addiction problems proudly celebrates 14 years at the forefront of offering this much needed service. From a humble beginning, on 1st August 2001, Serenity Centre has continued to offer a number of rehabilitation services namely:
• Counseling services
• Psychiatric evaluation.
• Detoxification
• Family education
• Post treatment care and Outreach programs for community sensitization.

In our 14 years of Service, over 1,000 patients from all walks of life in and outside Uganda have benefited from the Centre’s residential treatment programs ,whereas over one million (1,000,000) people have benefited from our outreach programs. The world today is experiencing the great challenge due to effects of Alcohol and drug abuse that range from mental, physical,psychological and social. see the physical effects below:- ALCOHOL BODY SMOKER’S BODY BUILDING A report released by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) which examined alcohol consumption patterns among 34 member states in Washington DC concluded that, “Alcohol now accounts for a higher proportion of