Serenity Centre welcomes and admits adults from all walks of life without any descrimination in regard to gender, ethinicity, spiritual or social political affiliations.

Pre-admission services

These are services offered prior to a client arriving at the centre. It involves motivating the  client/ Client’s family seeking help from Serenity Centre to take up the program for treatment. It may be done through physical visits at the Centre, making phone contact, emailing or other social media platforms like WhatsApp.

It is the first contact with the clients that involves orienting them about the services offered.

Admission Process

The admission process begins the moment a client comes or is brought to the Centre. It is a 5 step process involving

  1. Being received at the gate,
  2. Initial Assessment of the client to ascertain their suitability for the program,
  3. Drug screen test to establish the drug of abuse in the system,
  4. Completing administrative processes like signing of the contract for admission by the sponsor and fees payments; And
  5. Being assigned a room/bed.

N.B      With the current Covid-19 situation, all incoming clients undergo a mandatory covid-19 test and are isolated for at least the first 3 days of stay at the Centre under close monitoring.

Admission Team

Our admissions team is comprised mainly of the Security personnel on duty, Psychchiatric Nurse on Duty and/or Counsellor and Administrators.

The team is very professional and handles all admission processes basing on Serenity centre’s core values.

What to pack

  • Bed sheets, blanket, mosquito net and night wear
  • Slippers (indoors), sports shoes and sportswear (co-curricular activities), open shoes and at least a pair of closed shoes for men.
  • Toiletries (bathing soap, washing soap, sponge, towel, nonalcoholic deodorant/ body cologne, body cream, hair brush, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap dish and detergents, plastic shaver).
  • Note book and pen
  • Others include alarm clock, watch, small radio (non-electronic)

What not to pack

  • Cars, cameras, laptops, desktops, ipods, ipads, mobile phones, recorders, CD players, flash disks, scissors, razor blades, knives and any sharp items.


  • All medication if any are administered by the medical person on duty (clients do not keep personal medication).
  • No food items or drinks are allowed the medical person on duty recommends.

Post Admission Services

Upon discharge, a post-treatment program is embarked on for purposes of offering support to the client and following up on recovery journey progress. Every discharged client is therefore encouraged to complete a 16 days’ aftercare program for this purpose.

The client is also introduced relevant groups which can offer  support to the discharged client.

A 24/7 hour phone line is open at all times for any other required support with a Case Manager just a call away.