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Medical & Psychiatry Evaluation

Self Detoxification, Management of physical complications of substance use / dependence induced, Management of various psychiatric complications, Identification and referral of high risk cases, Drug screening services for different kinds of drugs.

In-and-Out Patient

Motivational interview, Initial Continuous (Aftercare, medical investigations and substance use screening, Individual Counseling and Group Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Life Skills and Psycho Spiritual activities, and Nutritional Therapy).

Family Psycho Education

Our approach to help families, in supporting individuals with mental illness while working together towards their recovery e.g. through Family Sessions, Family Workshops and Parental Educational Programs, Alnon Meetings and Family Follow-ups.

Occupational Therapy

We help people of all ages who have physical, sensory, or cognitive problems to develop, recover, or maintain meaningful activities. This is achieved through all Occupational Therapy Activities, Eco-Health Tasks, and Transitional Skills / Abilities.

Post Treatment Support

It's our core goal to ensure our patients maintain sobriety and sustain their recovery. This is why we do the Case Management, Aftercare Monitoring, Patient Follow-ups, Transition Coaching, Client Resettlement, AAs, NAs, Alteens, and more.

Community Outreach

This entails Outreach Programs and Initiatives that are Educative, Informative, Preventive, as well as raise Awareness about the challenge of substance use, drug abuse and alcoholism through one-to-one individual interactions and community gatherings.

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