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Drug abuse is a complex illness characterised by compulsive, and at times, uncontrollable drug, craving, seeking and use that persist even in the face of extremely negative consequences that occur. (NIDA, 1999)
These are called "psychoactive drugs" — chemical substances that change functions of the nervous system and result in alterations in mood, perception, consciousness, cognition or behavior, and other mental processes.
Addiction to prescription, street drugs or even alcohol — is a serious problem. If you’re worried that you or a loved one may have an addiction, here are signs to help you know. You get compulsive behaviour requiring more and more of a substance to get the same effects (tolerance), the constant usage is reinforcing / pleasurable, the interest grows irresistible and you lose control in limiting intake.
This is a state in which a person no longer responds to a drug as they did before, and a higher dose is required to achieve the same effect.
Psychological tolerance is a strong desire or urge to use drugs. Cravings are most apparent during drug withdrawal.
Withdrawal is a period during which somebody addicted to a drug or other addictive substance reduces their use or stops taking it, causing the person to experience painful or uncomfortable symptoms.
With the vast experience in treating and helping people suffering from various addictions and drug abuses we understand that effective recovery goes with a serene environment, our location, our site, and status provide the best recovery atmosphere. Plus, our 22 years of service express our top-notch practices.